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Unity Game Programming Tutorials

tutorial1Installing Unity, creating and running scripts

Get started with the Unity hub, and then create a simple C# script.

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tutorial2Figuring out the architecture of a typical script

Learn about namespaces, public classes, member variables and methods.

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tutorial3Using the keyboard to set player's position

This time we will create a code snippet that changes player's coordinates.

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tutorial4Putting together a basic player movement script

Discover how easy it is to program a functional player movement script.

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tutorial5Building our first Unity game from the ground up

Build a game in which the player collects items by running into them.

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tutorial6Working with instantiate, quaternions and random

Import assets, create prefabs, and then instantiate them when needed.

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tutorial7Frequently asked Unity programming questions

Improve multiplayer games, use else-if statements and random array values.

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tutorial8Learning how to build a basic calculator in Unity

Design a decent calculator which can add, subtract, multiply and divide.

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